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Exotic Animals Tragedy

October 20, 2011

We’ve been reading about the release and subsequent hunting and killing of exotic animals this week in Ohio (for a news story about the event, click here).  The events of the past week have raised many questions about the keeping of wild and exotic animals.  Who regulates the keeping of wild or exotic animals?  What rights do the animals have in captivity?  What rights do human neighbors have to be safe and secure against attack?

We have a number of  titles in our collection that discuss animal rights and animal law.  Prof. Joan Schaffner has written several books on animal law, including An Introduction to Animals and the LawAnimals and  the Law (electronic resource):  A Sourcebook , by Jordan Curnutt, is an overview of animal law and animal rights.  Moral and ethical issues are discussed in Animalkind:  What We Owe to Animals, by Jean Kazez.  For a general reference work, see Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.

If you’re interested in working in the field of animal law, see Careers in Animal Law:  Welfare, Protection, and Advocacy.

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