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Make Your Day Easier – Stop by Circulation

January 8, 2012

We’re the place to check out and return library books, but the circulation desk is also the place to borrow, pick up or use several items and services helpful to students.  We’re located on the first floor of the library at the main entrance.

Sure , we have study aids, like nutshells, along with books on course reserve.  But we also have other items to make your day a little easier and more enjoyable.  For example, we have print copies of the Washington Post and the New York Times as well as legal newspapers.  You may borrow items on reserve for two hours and use them in the library.

Special items available for student check out include laptop locks and chargers.  Speaking of chargers, the charger devices can be used with your cell phone, e-reader or tablet computer.  You may check out the chargers for 4 hours and you may even take them out of the library.

We also lend bike locks to students, which you can check out for an entire day. If you need headphones, stop by circulation and check out a pair.  Ever use a tape recorder?  Well, we have them to lend should the need arise.  If you’re not sure how to use one, ask for instructions before leaving the desk.  We also give out ear plugs–just ask us for a pair at the circulation desk. 

Don’t forget to ask at the circulation desk about lost and found items when you can’t remember where you left your textbook, sweater or jacket.  We collect those items left in the library.  If you lost an item elsewhere, check with the Records Office or with the University Police Department.

And, last but not least, we have staplers that can handle jobs up to 120 pages and an electric 3-hole punch.

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