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Counterfeit Goods

February 13, 2012

Fashion Week showcases new trends and styles from creative designers.  However, each year Customs and Border Enforcement confiscates knock-off designer goods at points of entry.  Knock-offs of any type represent theft of American intellectual property, harming the designers and their creative companies. 

In FY 2011, CBE confiscated counterfeit goods at ports of entry with a market value exceeding $1 billion.  For FY 2011, footwear accounted for 14% of all goods seized and wearing apparel accounted for 8% of all goods seized.    In FY 2011, CBE reported that it seized $51 M of fake designer perfume, representing 5% of all goods seized.  Fake perfumes are not only a theft from the brand owner, but the perfumes occasionally may contain dangerous chemicals.   According to Customs and Border Enforcement, the most commonly misappropriated label for perfume is “Sex and the City.”

For more information about brand integrity and counterfeit goods, see for example, Brand Integrity:  Strategies for Fighting Contraband and Counterfeit Goods.

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